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What resources do we need to accomplish our goals? Think of everything you might need, including supplies, money, and time. What will be the cost of these items and where will the resources come from?

Street Cleanup

Create a budget

Here is an example of a detailed plan of resources needed for a solar charging station. Your plans don’t need to be so detailed on the first day, but this is a good example of how to plan for your CAP in the future.

150-watt panel

200-watt inverter

10 amp charge controller

Battery (sealed)

Aluminum bracket


Wood to build station












Where can funding come from?

Here are a few ideas to think about:

From your club's budget

From your school

Sponsorships or grants from outside organizations

Run your own fundraiser! Set it up online or in person.

If it's an event, you can make a fee for attendees

Get free, recycled materials from stores that might be throwing them away (like repurposed coffee bags for beach cleanups)

Check out LWHS Environmental's idea below!


Our fundraiser: climate camp!


LWHS Environmental Club ran a Climate Camp this summer! It was a chance for 4th-6th graders to learn more about climate change and have a fun activity to do over the summer. Parents paid a $50 fee for the week of climate camp on a sliding scale (some paid more, some paid less). The money went to buying camp materials that were distributed to each camper in a kit, and the rest of the money covered the Bay Area Youth Climate Summit's communications expenses. We ended up earning everything we needed to cover our entire summit budget while making a difference through education and teaching others about climate change!

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