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Develop a project idea from the brainstorm session. What does your project focus on?


Are you making Prom more eco-friendly?

Are you running a beach cleanup?

Are you petitioning to create a meatless Monday at your school?

Are you teaching students from your elementary school about climate change?

​What topic areas will this project cover?

  • Energy Efficiency and Use
  • Water Efficiency and Use
  • School Gardening
  • Chemical Use
  • Local Food
  • Composting
  • Transportation
  • Policy
  • Waste Management
  • Curriculum
  • Community Engagement/Outreach
  • Other: ______

COVID-friendly Project Ideas

Paper Straws

Sustainability at Home

  • Reduce waste: reuse, single-use plastic reduction, recycling, composting

  • Container or backyard gardening

  • Switch to green cleaning and personal care products

  • Energy reduction or switching to renewable energy

  • Incorporate more plant-based meals

Education + Outreach

  • Create a social media campaign with themed posts and calls to action

  • Start a creative neighborhood campaign (window signs, chalk, etc.)

  • Make informational videos to share with others

  • Share resources on social media or by telling others about them

Online Climate Strikes

  • Participate in online climate strikes, or organize your own with a group of people (school, environmental club, etc.)

  • Fridays for Future is a great place to start for global, online climate stikes

Civic Engagement

  • Sit in on/participating in local board meetings (Town, County, City), many of which are now held virtually

  • Write letters/make phone calls to elected officials

  • Engage with state and local climate action programs

  • Learn about state and local initiatives and create a plan to support an existing issue or campaign

  • Assist with voter registration and education

  • Elevate climate justice and equity issues

Environment Activists Protest

Create Climate Art

  • ARTIVISM! do climate activism through art. You can participate in an ocean artivism challenge at From the Bow Seat

  • Make a virtual art installation with other students from your school

  • Create an art challenge on social media

  • Do a public awareness-raising art installation in your neighborhood like window posters or sidewalk chalk


Outdoor-Based Service Project

  • Beach clean-ups, trash clean-ups, river clean-ups

  • Remove invasive species

  • Create gardens - food or pollinator

  • Ramp up backyard habitat - build bat boxes, bird boxes, etc.

  • Create a compost system


Citizen Science

Personal Education

  • Join the Sunrise School and attend their sessions

  • Watch webinars on climate science, climate action, and/or climate justice

  • Find and follow reliable news/science sources

  • Read climate books, listen to climate podcasts, and watch environmental documentaries

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