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Spotlight: Environmentally Friendly Restaurants

There is undoubtedly a rise in the popularity of environmentally-friendly diets, however, what about the corporations and businesses behind our meals at restaurants? Inspired by a movement started by Grubhub, which spotlighted restaurants that have joined the #CutoutCutlery, we are highlighting restaurants revitalizing the industry but without so much single-use plastic waste.

Naama Tamir, co-owner of Lighthouse, says “we create recipes that use the bits and ends of vegetables to deal with food waste.” Lighthouse is a restaurant based in Brooklyn, NY striving for waste-free production.

Adam Weiss is the founder of Honeybee Burger, a is a fully vegan and plant-based restaurant based in Los Angeles. Learn more about it here:

Spyce Food Co is a Boston, MA business that focuses on made-to-order culinary creations, adaptable to all diets. They pride themselves on no-waste packaging and clean, simple cooking methods. Spyce serves local, seasonal vegetables, no red meat on the menu, and compostable and recyclable packaging. It is an experience worth trying!

Wildseed SF is a San Francisco, Bay Area fine-dining experience that focuses on locally and seasonally sourced ingredients.

Clover Food Labs is a vegetarian fast-food chain, founded in 2008 by MIT material science graduate and Harvard MBA Ayr Muir. They operate food trucks and restaurants all over Massachusetts, have seasonal menu items, and focus on simple ingredients and fast service!

Amy's Drive-Thru is another sustainable, fast food restaurant. Amy's is a vegetarian Bay Area chain serving classic American fast food but with plant-based options. Started in Rohnert Park, they now have 3 locations!

For more Bay Area spots to check out and support as restaurants are opening back up, check out this article!

Lastly, if you want to find a restaurant closer to you, loot at the Green Restaurant Association's locator and certification:

If you have a notable and favorite spot you love, feel free to comment below and share your suggestions!

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