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Class of 2022 Senior Reflections

As we say goodbye to our graduating seniors, hear their reflections on their next steps and the role BAYCS played in their high school experience. Best of luck, graduates!


Amelia Fortgang

Yale University 2026, Environmental Studies & Political Science

"BAYCS and my teammates were probably my favorite part of high school. In the face of a terrifying climate crisis, our Sunday meetings made me hopeful. Across differences in schools, cities, and backgrounds, we all shared the same passion and purpose, and throughout high school, my teammates eventually became some of my best friends. I am leaving inspired by these friends and motivated to pursue climate policy and fight for the future we all want to see."


Dory Miller

UC Berkeley 2026, Political Science & Society and the Environment

“Going into BAYCS as a rising junior, I had no idea what to expect. Coming from a school that was ecologically justice-minded but generally lacked the student body to promote such values, I struggled to find a community of fellow activists outside of a small environmental club. BAYCS has provided me with not only a platform to use my voice and expand my activist toolkit but also with a new group of friends who I can both laugh and advocate for climate justice with. I am so grateful to the BAYCS team for their friendship and devotion to making a difference in this world not just for us but for generations to come. I cannot wait to see the various fields of climate work we all wind up in."


Erika Tam

UC Berkeley 2026, Molecular Environmental Biology

“BAYCS has given me forever memorable experiences of friendship, leadership, and activism. From countless calls and emails to in-person workshops, I’ve been inspired to see BAYCS blossom into a community-led climate movement which is super special. BAYCS has also shown me the power youth have when united towards a common goal, and I cannot wait to see what next year’s leaders have in store.”


Kyan Shlipak

Northwestern 2026, Mechanical/Environmental Engineering

“BAYCS introduced me to the wonderful world of the youth climate movement and has been an awesome part of my high school experience. I got to know some incredible people here, and through all our late-night zoom meetings and last-minute event planning sessions, I’ve never regretted joining this team. I will leave BAYCS at the end of the summer with a network of like-minded activists and a set of unforgettable memories.”


Oona Clark

Oregon State University Honors College 2026, Climate Science

"If there was one thing I could wish to stay the same after high school it would be to stay a part of this invaluable team of people. Even with past experience in climate activism, I’d never fully realized the extent of what we could do. I’ll miss our Sunday core-team meetings and Kyan’s bottomless pit of reminders for 9 pm workshops meetings. I probably never would have fully attached to my love for science if not for all the incredible workshops on the science of climate change I was able to plan and present. So much love to everyone at BAYCS, and congratulations to all of my fellow graduating seniors!”


Hannah Merickel

Middlebury College 2026, Environmental Studies

“BAYCS has been one of the highlights of my time in high school and I am eternally grateful for all the amazing people I have met. I’ve been so inspired by the hope and energy our team had and it’s been incredible to watch our organization grow and deeply impact so many Bay Area youth. I feel like I’ve grown so much as an activist and leader and can’t wait to see the awesome climate work we all do in the future.”

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