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BAYCS 2022

The 3rd annual Bay Area Youth Climate Summit was on September 24th, 2022!

Located at the World Affairs Center in San Francisco. 



a quick look at what the day included

9:30 - 10:00
Arrival & Check-In

Head to the World Affairs Building's main entrance and find our check-in table to get your schedule.

Opening Session & Keynote

Join us for an introduction, group activity, and hear from our inspiring keynote speaker: Jackie Fielder!

Workshop Session #1

Attend the workshop in your schedule to learn from an amazing local climate organization/speaker. 

Lunch & Activities

Eat lunch (or go out and grab some) and check out the many amazing and interactive lunch activities!

Workshop Session #2

Head to your second workshop of the day to learn a different aspect of climate activism. 


Join us back in the main auditorium for a fun Kahoot, raffle drawing, and closing!

Workshops & Speakers

Check out the many different options for in-person workshops and the speakers!

Systems of Oppression & Environmentalism

with Katherine Lee, Asian Pacific Environment Network's Richmond Youth Organizer

APEN is a local environmental group that brings people together to fight for the environment, amplifying minority voices. In this workshop, we will be discussing the different systems of oppression in relation to environmental justice and how you can play a role to maximize your impact through education & action. Join us to learn about APEN's local organizing work all around the bay area!

apen logo.png
pollinator logo.jpg

with Kelly Rourke, executive director at Pollinator Partnership

Conserving Pollinators through Habitats, Plants, and Agriculture

A half of the world's oils, fibers, and raw materials would not exist without the power of pollinators! In this workshop, you will learn about their mission to promote the health of pollinators which are critical to food and ecosystems through conservation, education, and research with projects all over North America and globally. They work with diverse groups of local, regional, and national governments, universities, and corporations working together for pollination protection.

Sustainable Shareholding

with Daniel Stewart, Manager of As You Sow’s Energy & Climate Program

Being an Empowered Shareholder and Making Your Money Work for the Climate.

A look at some of the work and tools As You Sow uses as an investor representative to move large companies to improve their climate-related performance.

as you sow logo.png
fire forward logo.jpg

with Hannah Lopez, Operational Logistics Manager for the Fire Forward

Stewarding Fire-Adapted Ecosystems

 The North Bay Area of California contains a diversity of ecosystems that span oak woodlands, coastal prairies, and redwood forests. In addition to the wide variety of flora and fauna that cover these landscapes, each community—as a result of a millennia of stewardship by indigenous people using cultural fire— has specific adaptations to, and relies upon, fire as a natural disturbance to maintain overall ecosystem health and structure. By understanding these fire adaptations and relationships, land stewards and fire practitioners can implement prescribed burns that meet multiple objectives, including invasive species management, fuel reduction, and improving ecosystem health and vigor. 

with Zoe Jonick & Nik Evasco, Youth Climate Organizers

How to Successfully Mobilize for Climate Action

This session will include a conversation about mobilizing around climate actions, especially as youth organizers, as well as a workshop on holding digital mobilization meetings that make an impact. This is an interactive workshop so bring a device to make calls, emails, or social media posts and any big ideas you have for climate action!

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youth vs apocalypse logo.png

with Aniya Butler, Organizer from Youth vs. Apocalypse

Youth vs. Apocalypse: Poetry Writing to Heal 

The climate justice movement requires a lot of mental, physical, and emotional energy from us. This spoken word workshop will be space for you to focus on healing from this work through creative writing and discussions. As a group, we will discuss our own struggles in the climate justice movement and steps to take to create a healthy routine to promote restoring and healing. 

with Spreck Rosekrans, recognized as an expert in water system operations and planning by the California legislature

Restoring the Valley

 Learn how Yosemite Valley’s lost twin, Hetch Hetchy, a majestic glacier-carved valley with towering cliffs and waterfalls, can be returned to its natural splendor - an untamed place where river and wildlife run free, a new kind of national park. Creating another Yosemite will require San Francisco to invest in new water storage using methods that other California cities are successfully implementing. Convincing City Hall to make the necessary changes is both a challenge and an opportunity that will require popular support from Bay Area youth.

turn logo.jpg

with Xochitl Montano, member of TURN

The Past, Present, and Future of Wildfires

The Utility Reform Network believes in accessibility to electricity, gas, and phone service for all and wants to hold big energy and phone companies accountable for their environmentally destructive practices. Specifically, T.U.R.N. has been involved in PG&E wildfire accountability. This workshop will present a timeline of wildfires, showing how wildfire mitigation planning has become more urgent because of climate change, along with how PG&E has been responsible for many California wildfires.

The Intersection of the Climate Crisis and Healthcare

with Taryn Sirias, third-year medical student at UCSF

Climate Health Now is an organization fighting for the protection of health and health equity through climate action. In this workshop, Taryn Sirias, a third-year medical student at UCSF and Climate Health Now member, will present on the worsening health impacts of the climate crisis and what we can do. Possible focuses include policies such as the US Call to Action on Climate Change and Health, climate related health issues in the Bay Area, the disportionate impact of climate change on disadvantaged communities’ health, and climate change as it relates to mental health. 

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