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January: 5-Minute Action Monthly Recap

This January, BAYCS started a new Instagram story segment: 5-Minute Actions. Here are the three features and the actions you can complete!

1. Protect the Arctic Refuge from Oil Drilling

Home to countless species and diverse Indigenous people, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is a global beacon of ecological and cultural abundance. As a result of the climate crisis, the Arctic’s ecosystems and landscape have been deeply impacted as such systems are being disrupted and thrown out of balance. With global warming already bringing such drastic damage, energy development poses another threat to local wildlife and indigenous cultures, as well as the global climate. Thankfully on his first day, President Biden made an Executive Order to pause oil and gas development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. However, as exciting as this is, we must urge President Biden to make the temporary moratorium permanent and protect the Arctic for good. Sign these letters and petitions to protect the Arctic and all its inhabitants.

2. Fight for 1.5 Degrees

In the Paris Agreement of 2010, world leaders met to find a solution for the climate crisis and decided to limit global warming temperatures to 2 degrees Celsius. However, we are currently at 1.2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and are already seeing the catastrophic effects of a changing climate. Consequently, many fear the inevitable results of our planet warming to 2 degrees: burning, flooding, melting, and drought. Fridays For Future, or FFF, is calling upon world leaders to change the fight for 2 to 1.5 degrees instead. Stand with Fridays for Future and make your voice heard by signing the promise.

3. Protect Kenya from Plastic Waste

With green energy becoming more affordable amidst the climate crisis, fossil fuel companies are scrambling for solutions to their economic downfall. As a result, these corporations are seeking to influence the US-Kenya Trade Deal to reverse the nationwide plastic ban in Kenya and allow American and foreign exports of plastic waste. Kenya's environmental groups are calling upon officials and negotiators of the trade deal to prevent these proposals and ensure that Kenya does not become a dumping ground for plastic. Sign the open letter below to support these groups and urge a retraction of such proposals.

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