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Siofra Linden's Air Quality Monitoring CAP

Siofra Linden, a sophomore at Capuchino High School in San Bruno who attended the summit in September is currently working on a Public Health and Safety, Air Pollution CAP! From constantly checking PurpleAir during wildfire season, Siofra saw this as an opportunity to teach her community through showcasing the visible effects of climate change. With the help of her school’s environmental club advisor, they received a $1000 grant to jumpstart the project! Furthermore, after discussion with her school’s science department, some unused funding from this year was able to help cover the remaining costs. At the moment 6 monitors have been purchased and delivered to the San Bruno Community, totaling in about $1,250.

In the future, Siofra hopes to use the data for school curriculum change, which show the disparities of air quality within the San Mateo county neighborhood. Furthermore, Siofra recently talked to San Bruno City Council to implement a district wide CAP plan, i.e. more bike paths, greener bikes paths, new building regulations.

These are all just a few ideas of some personal CAPs you can pursue in your own community! And as always, if you have been working on a CAP please fill out our form linked BELOW. If you want to be featured, let us know, and we’ll see if we can highlight you in our next newsletter!

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