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Who will make this project happen? Identify these people, organizations, and groups by name.

Why partner with other people and organizations?

A lot of climate projects involve changing the way people do things as a whole or how whole systems work. Just changing within a small group of people will not have a big enough effect. Use this part of the planning process to think about people or organizations that should be involved to make your project a success. In general, if you are doing an event in your school it’s good to let your administrators know, sometimes they can provide resources or contacts you didn’t originally think of. Additionally, partnering with groups outside of your own is a good way to maintain accountability!

This checklist will help you think about possible participation:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Administrators
  • Food service
  • Sustainability coordinator
  • Facilities
  • Parents
  • Experts/consultants
  • Community members
  • Local authority

Organizations + Partnerships

We have compiled a list of organizations and groups that BAYCS Youth Advisory Council members have worked closely with. Email if you're interested in getting your project connected with a group on this list!


  • Sunrise Movement

  • Extinction Rebellion Youth SF

  • SF Environment

  • Wisdom Supply Co.

  • EarthEcho International

  • The Wild Center

  • All One Ocean

  • Nature in the City

  • High Schoolers for Carbon Dividends

  • Ocean Heroes HQ

  • Junior State of America

  • Food Runners

  • Peninsula Food Runners

School Clubs

  • LWHS Environmental Club

  • Green Team SI

  • SOTA Environmental

  • GWHS Eco Club

  • Urban's Green Team

  • UHS Council of Sustainability

  • Lowell Eco Club

  • Half Moon Bay High School Environmental

  • Balboa Eco Club

  • San Domenico JSA

  • LWHS FANG Club

Image by Li-An Lim
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