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2021 In-Person Summit

Join us in person on October 10 for the second component of this year's Bay Area Youth Climate Summit, including volunteering, networking, workshops, and a CAPathon.


a quick look at what the day includes

10:20 - 10:40

Head to SI's main entrance and find our check-in table to get your schedule.

Opening: Keynote Speaker

Join us for an introduction and hear from an inspiring keynote speaker.

Networking Session

Connect with and meet passionate, like-minded peers about climate activism.


Head to a workshop of your choice to check out a climate-related topic of interest.

Lunch & Volunteer Session

Switch between volunteering groups and a lunch break.

Climate Action Planning: CAPathon

Split into teams and compete in a Climate Action Planning Hackathon (a CAPathon)!


Check out the many different options for in-person workshops!

Particulates Matter. Protect Your Community from Air Pollution.

with Felix Fein and Alex Mader, co-founders of the Particulates Matter project

Particulates Matter is a youth-led project aiming to address the disproportionate impacts of air pollution on San Francisco youth. Funded $10,000 by BLING for the 2021 year, they are partnering with schools and organizations in the Bayview district to provide air purification systems, N95 masks, and educational workshops. Through evidence-based and community-supported strategies, they hope to mitigate the dangerous short and long term health effects of air pollution on children. In this in-person session, they will lead hands-on experiments and activities about particulate matter and air purification.

PM Logo.png
Youth Electrifying Everything: How Young People Can Build Effective and Inclusive Climate Coalitions in Their Cities

with Menlo Spark

Mid-Peninsula cities, such as Menlo Park, are leading the fight against climate change through localized greenhouse gas emission reduction plans, including developing home electrification campaigns and electric vehicle infrastructure. Menlo Spark, an independent climate non-profit based in Menlo Park, collaborates with local government, businesses, and residents to move the city to become climate neutral by 2025 through these efforts. 


In this presentation, the youth interns from Menlo Spark will share their summer work on supporting the City's efforts to demonstrate how they (1) developed coalitions for public youth outreach and engagement in local climate action and (2) fostered local climate coalitions that were intersectional and inclusive to all. 

Fighting Invasive Species with Sutro Stewards

with Kelly Dodge, Stewardship Coordinator at Sutro Stewards

San Francisco has some beautiful parks, but there is no other like Mount Sutro. One of the largest and wildest green spaces, Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve is a vast, mountainous, forest with no signs of the massive city it sits in. Learn how Sutro Stewards mobilizes the largest organized independent volunteer pool in San Francisco to protect Mount Sutro from invasive species and preserve this unique park.

sutro stewards.png
Compost: The Secret to a Sustainably Fed Planet

with Lucy Park, leader of Lick-Wilmerding’s Food Justice Club

Come learn about compost as a climate solution and key to community health. This workshop explores the role of compost in soil health, carbon sequestration, and sustainable farming. Participants will leave this workshop knowing how to use compost to regenerate both soil and their communities.

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